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old price: 822 l.
old price: 822 l.

Plumbing Store

The company SaniGrup

We have 15 years of experience on the market of sanitary ware. During this time our plumbing store has recommended itself to be a reliable and responsible partner. Established relationships with suppliers and direct deliveries allow us to establish low prices for the entire range of products. We do not require customers to make an expensive minimal order, you can purchase shower cabins or buy a toilet and our managers will serve you at the highest level. Buying shower cabins or other sanitary ware in SaniGrup – You spent your time and money wisely, and in return receive quality products. Our range of plumbing is constantly updated with new units of goods of different price range and characteristics. This way recently our company has become a direct supplier of siding “FOAM PANEL”, which is an excellent material for the exterior finish of your house, more detailed information you can see in the section “FOAM PANEL” or by visiting our plumbing store: Chisinau city, Petricani str. 21/3.

Choice of sanitary ware and accessories for bathrooms

This is an important task, which everyone sooner or later faces. Our store offers a wide range of sanitary ware and accessories for bathroom. Shower cabins presented in plumbing store SaniGrup – are highest quality products from the leading European and Chinese manufacturers at affordable prices. Our sanitary ware store encourages buying only modern shower cabins and furniture for bathroom.

In sanitary ware store SaniGrup, are the best shower cabins in Chisinau

In our large sanitary ware store are presented shower cabins of different sizes: 80х80, 90х90 и 100х100, and whirlpool boxes with a lot of functions. Shower cabins will take from your bathroom much less space than usual for everyone bathtub. Shower cabins with mirror rear walls will visually expand the bathroom space, which is especially important for small-sized apartments. If you have a large room and you do not worry about saving space, we have shower cabins with tub 150х100, 135х135, 150х85, 170х85. If you prefer the classic option – tub, pay attention, in our sanitary ware store is presented a large selection of acrylic baths of Rumanian and Chinese production. We present tubs from industrial acrylic, which is characterized by the ability to inhibit the growth of bacteria and fungus. We offer tubs of different sizes and configurations. Acrylic bathtubs, presented in our sanitary ware store, meet all European standards of quality and safety. Also in our store of plumbing are presented metal and cast iron tubs. Coming to our sanitary ware store, you can pick up a bath according to the size and price.

To buy a toilet in Chisinau will help you the company SaniGrup

Toilets presented in our product range can become an excellent decision for your bathroom. They are made of pure white ceramic with a glossy surface. On the toilet surface there are no extraneous bends, where the dirt eventually will clog. Also in our sanitary ware store you can find: cottage toilet, toilet for children, one-piece toilet and toilets with build in bidet.

Qualitative furniture for bathroom

Sanitary ware store offer to your attention a large selection of furniture for bathrooms of high quality and low price. Furniture is manufactured in Moldova, on technology of the world leading companies. We provide buyer with all necessary documents about furniture quality.

Bathroom accessories

In our store you can also acquire all necessary accessories for plumbing in your bathroom. Like ceramic cisterns, flushes for toilets, traps for sewer sewerages, various type mixers, and rollers for shower cabins, plastic wall panelling, mirrors, cabinets, boilers and other accessories.

Shower cabins – installation and assembly

Shower cabins acquired in sanitary ware store SaniGrup are installed by qualified specialists; it will completely free you from the hassle of installing plumbing. Our plumbing store collaborates with world-class experts who only in a few hours will install your tub or toilet and connect taps. Our plumbers – are real masters, and their phone number you will keep for a very long time.

About our sanitary ware store

Perhaps the most important in SaniGrup job – is the individual approach to each client. We offer not only a wide range of products and great prices, but also pay attention to each client. To make a buying from us is very easy: you simply select the desired model on our company website and come to take it from sanitary ware store. Our company is set up for a long term and mutually beneficial partnership with our clients. We appreciate every customer, regardless of the sum he has spent in our store.

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