Width (см)
Price (l.)
old price: 1111 l.
Width: 55 см Color: Белая
Height: 84 см WasBassin: Ukraine
Surface: Painted Furniture: Moldova
old price: 1127 l.
Width: 55 см Color: Белая
Height: 84 см WasBassin: Russia
Surface: Painted Furniture: Moldova
old price: 1358 l.
Width: 60 см Color: Белая
Height: 84 см WasBassin: Ukraine
Surface: Painted Furniture: Moldova
old price: 1366 l.
Width: 42 см Color: Белая
Height: 84 см WasBassin: China
Surface: Painted Furniture: Moldova
Bathroom Furniture IZEO 55 kap+pol
Width: 55 см Color: Цветная
Height: 84 см WasBassin: Ukraine
Surface: Pellicle Furniture: Moldova
old price: 1500 l.
Width: 53 см Color: Белая
Height: 84 см WasBassin: China
Surface: Painted Furniture: Moldova

Bathroom Furniture

How to choose bathroom furniture.

The choice of bathroom furniture – is a very responsible and difficult task. Buying furniture for bathroom, you can face with a large choice of materials and style directions. To choose not only beautiful but qualitative furniture for bathroom in this variety of offers is quite difficult, but there are basic rules of selection bathroom furniture.

Give preference to the furniture, designed specifically for your bathroom. It is provided with protection to prevent moisture and, as a result swelling. Pay attention to the materials from which furniture is assembled, the outer and inner cover and of course design. Pay attention to such seemingly insignificant little things like fittings. It completes the style of the furniture and makes cabinets attractive. Hinges have to be tight and firm, firmly bolted to the walls and doors. Handles desirable to be with chrome plating, in order not to upset you, after a short period of time, with their flaky appearance.

The furniture that is installed on the floor can be on feet or with plinth. Cabinets on feet are much more convenient because under them is easier to clean floor and furniture is well ventilated. In case you by accident spill water on the floor, plastic feet will protect cabinet from swelling. In addition, if in the bathroom is installed under-floor heating, it is strongly recommended to give preference to furniture on feet.

When selecting furniture for bathroom pay attention to its functionality. Distance between the shelves should be wide enough, to fit powder and softener. A convenient option will be a cabinet with a flap and build in laundry basket.

Bathroom design

Thinking about designing – bathroom renovation project, it is important to take in consideration the universal rule: bathroom furniture have to be functional, comfortable and beautiful.

Bathroom interior design can be made in the same style with the apartment or absolutely different from other rooms. It depends only of your taste. The bathroom furniture choice has to be made first of all based on the bathroom size. Before paying for the cabinet and side table that you liked you should carefully measure the bathroom space. Even better would be to draw a draft of your future bathroom project on paper and mark the location of furniture, plumbing and communications. Of course the owners of large ensuite bathrooms are a lot easier to implement any fantasy, while the design of small bathrooms will require a more careful furniture selection. If you have a small bathroom, choose furniture with glossy or mirror coating, they visually increase the space. And do not forget the most important – intensive lightning.

If you have free areas give preference to a particular stylistic direction. Classic style furniture is relevant in any interior, and in combination with Venetian plaster it will stand out in a completely new way. Very interesting looks an interior made in country style with light colour furniture. Minimalistic style does not submit its positions. But whatever style you choose for your bathroom, furniture has to be selected in order to combine with finishing and plumbing. A perfect choice – is the same texture of the walls and furniture and accessories from one collection.

Bathroom furniture manufacture.

Modern bathroom furniture, presented in our catalogues, is manufactured using the most advanced technologies and possesses such perfect qualities like, moisture resistance, impact resistance and durability. Our furniture combines MDF density fibreboard and qualitative lustrous coating, with thickness of 1.3 mm. Acrylic coating protects furniture from moisture and allows washing easy the dirt and polish scratches. Also lustrous coating makes furniture more durable and retains the colour of the front surface.

The edge of cabinets and side drawer is made of durable material ABS, with thickness of 2 mm. ABS is perfect for bathroom furniture manufacture. Our bathroom furniture is equipped with qualitative fittings; drawer and cabinet doors close smoothly, without knocking. All furniture is manufactured on high-tech European equipment to control every step of manufacturing process. We have signed a long term agreement with the best bathroom furniture manufacturer in Moldova.

We guarantee high-quality of the furniture at the lowest prices in Moldova. All bathroom furniture, presented in our catalogues is certified by public authorities of quality control.

Where to buy bathroom furniture in Chisinau

Acquisition of bathroom furniture belongs to the category of purchases that needs special attention and time. Agree that we do not change furniture in the bathroom very often. Therefore we should choose the place of purchase very carefully. Bathroom furniture should not be acquired on street markets, as sellers do not comply with the rules of furniture storage and transportation. Very often on the markets you can see furniture made in basements and garages by the local craftsmen. Its quality and durability is under question of course.

In plumbing store SaniGrup you can buy high-quality furniture for bathrooms that will last for very long. In the store are presented best examples of bathroom furniture of national production at the best prices. This is really high-qualitative bathroom furniture, without compromises.