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Many people mistakenly believe, that in order to renovate bathroom it is unnecessary having special skills. It is enough to simply consult a friend plumber and read in internet a few articles about how it is done and easily start. The instalment of shower cabin has to be qualitative, nothing and nowhere should leak and drip, and all sanitary ware have to work long time and fine. But, in reality it is absolutely different: not properly working plumbing causes a lot of inconveniences to the owner and his neighbours and by the end he anyway must call a specialist. This is the main reason to call a professional.
Shower cabin Instalment
Instalment of shower cabin by the experienced specialist – is a warranty of getting rid of the most problems at its use. Our specialists will perform all preparing works from choosing the right place till shower cabin instalment and connection of the additional devices. Shower cabin instalment – is one of the areas of professional work of our partners. Plumbers are our partners – experienced professionals that qualitatively and in indicated time will perform all the works on instalment sanitary ware. They will also give competent advices on using the shower cabin and other plumbing.

Price for shower cabin installation

Qualitative plumber services cannot cost to cheap, but our partners aim to deliver services at most favourable terms, that is why their prices are one of most reasonable in Chisinau. For regular customers is created a flexible system of discounts. To find out the precise cost for shower cabin or other sanitary ware instalment you can by calling our manager by the phone.
For fifteen years of work, we completely studied our work. Our qualified team will help you solve your plumbing problems fast, qualitatively and not expensive. Calling us you can be sure that the work will be done in time and qualitatively. We give guarantee on all the works performed by our team. For regular and corporate clients, we have created wholesale prices for sanitary ware services.


Instalment of acrylic and hydromassage baths.
Instalment of shower and hydromassage cabins.
Instalment of any mixers.
Installation of sewerage and heating systems.
Installation of bathroom furniture
The fuel repair services of bathroom and WC.

Prices for plumbing installation:

Instalment of shower cabin – from 600 lei.
Instalment of whirlpool box – from 600 to 1 000 lei.
Instalment of WC – 250 lei.
Instalment of mixer – from 75 to 150 lei.
Instalment of washstand – 150 lei.
Instalment of lay-on sink – from 150 to 250 lei.
Instalment of bathroom mirror – from 100 to 150 lei.

For regular and corporate clients, we have created wholesale prices for sanitary ware services.


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